Sep. 12th, 2009

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(Backdated to right when the Jagers get back to Licere)

[filtered to the 4423 minus Isako]

Hey, thenks for de gifts! Dere's lots of goot booze here, ezpecially dot bottle of vhat looks to be home brew. Thenk hyu to everyvun vhat brought it for me!

I gots prezents for hyu guys too. Hyu should find dem vaiting for hyu zoon. I also brought back a new cabin boy for de ship, und a Maxim vhat gots both hands, though de new vun iz not all de vay functional yet.

[filtered to Penelo]

Thenks for de kerchief, dollink. De embroidery iz very vell executed! It vill accent my pocket real nize, I tink.

[filtered to Holmes]

I haz never heard of zome of dese before! Vill need to schtart practizing right avay, as zoon as ve gets Madame Captain back.

[filtered to Zack]

Hey, nize vun! I needed a new zet of tings to make sure dese iz schtill nize und sharp. Thenks!

[filtered to Anko]

*sounds thoughtful*

Dese looks like zome zort of ninja knives. Very goot to hide about vun's perzon. I like a gorl who knows vhat I likes.

[filtered to Anthy]

Thenk hyu, Miss Anthy! De knitting supplies vill come in handy, ezpecially vith vinter just around de corner. Und de painted rock iz...charming!

[filtered to Zeetha]

Hyu gots goot taste in clothes, sveethot.

Und ve found Oggie. He's vith us right now.

[filtered to Quin]

*sounds genuinely touched*

Did hyu drawn dis hyuzelf? How did hyu get everyvun looking zo much like ourzelves if hyu's never met Maxim und Ognian? Oh, und schpeaking of Oggie, ve found him.

[filtered to Gorobei]

I gots vun more ting for hyu, but I needs to give it to hyu in perzon. Can't just leave it laying around.


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