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Your name or online alias: Molly
Your email:
Another preferred means of contact: on Plurk at "dimobeornssen"
Character's Full Name: Dimo
Character's Canon: Girl Genius
Character's Canon Point: The arrival in Paris
Character's Journal Name: theschmotone (AKA "the smart one" when pronounced without the Jaeger accent)
What would you like your character's tag to be?: Dimo

Character's background (their past and present): In an alternate version of Europe where mad scientists, or Sparks, lord it over a terrified population, one family reigned supreme. The Sparks of the Heterodyne family were the most powerful in all of Europa. One of the lasting contributions of the family were the Jägermonsters, or Jägers for short. At some point a few centuries prior to the current time in the comic, Dimo swore an oath to serve the family, and successfully survived the transformation that the Jägerdraught brought on. Life continued on in this vein until the leadership of the household was taken over by not one, but two Heterodyne heirs.

Bill and Barry Heterodyne denounced the evil that the family had built its reputation on, and declared that they were going to be heroes instead. Over the course of many years and many adventures, they became beloved across the whole of Europa for their good deeds. One day, however, an enemy arose and began to destroy what they had built. This enemy, known only as The Other, laid waste to the seemingly impenetrable Castle Heterodyne. Bill and Barry Heterodyne vowed that they would stop this new evil, and from what could be seen in the aftermath, it certainly seemed as though they had. The Other had vanished...but so had they.

Into the power vacuum strode Baron Wulfenbach. He offered the now masterless Jägermonsters employment, and they agreed to take it. Secretly, however, the Generals of the Jäger army deployed groups of volunteers to go out into the world and search for a Heterodyne heir, and to not return until they had found one. It was more or less a suicide mission, but thanks to the sacrifice of a few individuals, the Jägers could say that they had not abandoned their old masters, and Baron Wulfenbach would protect and care for the ones remaining. Dimo was one of these volunteers, and together with three compatriots, he set out into the world. Years passed.

Outside of their home city, the Jägerkin are reviled, and when we meet Dimo, he and his companions have been caught, and have been hanging from the gibbet for two days. They recognize a travelling circus performer as having the distinctive scent of a member of the House of Heterodyne. From this point on, the Jägers are her constant companions, aiding her in the trek to Mechanicsburg and beyond. At the current point in canon, the city is frozen in a sort of time dilation field, and Dimo has accompanied Agatha to Paris in the hopes of finding a way to free it.

Character's personality: Dimo has a reputation for being "the smart one" in any group. Having traveled with only a small cadre of companions for many years, Dimo has learned to think on his feet, and is generally a few steps ahead of his friends when it comes to planning and strategy. He's alarmingly perceptive at times, but purposefully downplays his intelligence. It's a good strategy to employ--sooner or later, people will talk.

He can come off as jaded and world-weary, but the mood passes quickly as his enthusiasm for new people and situations takes over. He's used to playing a "big brother" role in group dynamics, but is always ready to have fun, whatever form that fun may take. He'll still keep a wary eye out for danger, and be more than ready to delegate duties to those around him. Though he makes friends quickly, it's rarer for someone to get close enough to him to trigger his protective instincts. He's a gruff watchdog at heart, and will guard someone that he has deemed in need of protection with all the strength and cleverness that he can muster.

Dimo can also be quite debonair and dashing when he tries, and will good-naturedly hit on anyone that he finds attractive. He doesn't always take his target's interest in him into account before he makes a move, since hey, he and his kind are irresistible to women, right? The Jäger ego is a tremendous thing, after all. If he's turned down (and he's always turned down) he takes it in stride. His humor can also tend towards the black and morbid side of things, but again, is usually delivered cheerfully, even in the face of almost certain death.

Character's skills/abilities/powers: Like any other Jäger, Dimo is a finely-honed fighter, soldier, and predator. His reflexes, strength, and senses are all superior to human abilities, making him good at surviving desperate or unusual circumstances. Dimo has a particularly keen sense of smell, and can tell the difference between individuals at some distance. He can track someone or something using only his nose. He also has particularly nimble hands, and can throw knives or improvised weapons with the best of them. His limberness extends to his other joints as well, allowing him to easily dodge most blows directed at him. With regards to weapons, Dimo prefers a simple approach: knives for distance, teeth and claws for hand-to-hand combat. There's also the very basic physical changes that have come with the change from human to better-than-human--sharp teeth, sharp claws, and an ability to ignore pain that may frighten the average human onlooker.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.: Dimo will be bringing his set of throwing knives, his hat (hats are very important to Jagers), and his Spark-built mechanical arm, which replaces a limb that he lost to a monster.

Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game?: No

Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them? I'd love to play him in a game where his monstrous characteristics aren't a cause of fear or consternation--he'd be very bemused by that. He's easygoing and gregarious, and I'm eager to play him in a game that already has an Agatha, and where he can provide support for her, as well as run interference for her more enthusiastic bouts of creative destruction.

Writing Sample #1: The Masters were gone. Dimo didn't need reminding. It would be nice to think that some day, they might return, or that an heir would be found. The family would be returned to their former position of power, the Castle would be fixed, and things could go back to normal.

He knew that they never would. There had been only one heir to the Heterodynes, and that heir was as dead as the Castle now. They'd be searching forever, though they knew full well that their task was both fruitless and thankless. But at least the others could be proud of their loyalty to the family, and the promise that they'd all made to be faithful to their dying breaths wouldn't be broken.

The drizzle became a downpour, sheets of rain coming down from the sky fast and hard. The ones who'd stayed behind with Baron could be proud, he thought, but it was only his small band of Jägerkin, and the others like them, who knew what loyalty and sacrifice really meant. You didn't complain. You did what had to be done, because if you didn't, no one else would. He grimly stood his guard, drenched but not noticing. The Heterodynes had given him everything that he had. It was the least that he could do to give some of it back. It was like what the last straggling survivors of a battalion would feel after everyone else had been reduced to so many corpses littering the battlefield, but the unit's colors were still flying haggard in the wind. You had very little to show for the effort that you put in, but at least that effort was yours. It wasn't wasted, so long as it meant something to you. Even if no one else in the world understood.


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