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Website:Girl Genius
This is an RP journal for Dimo, a character from Girl Genius. This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing in a couple of different DW-based games; I am not Dimo, who is the property of Phil and Kaja Foglio. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.

In an alternate version of Europe where mad scientists, or Sparks, lord it over a terrified population, with occasional explosions, one family reigned supreme. The Sparks of the Heterodyne family were the most powerful in all of Europa, and even other Sparks trembled before their might. Their home base was the town of Mechanicsburg, built around the imposing structure of Castle Heterodyne. A testament to their skills, the Castle itself is possessed of an artificial intelligence, and is every bit as gleefully malevolent as its masters. The other lasting contribution of the family to the further terrorizing of the world were the Jägermonsters, or Jägers for short.

The House of Heterodyne ruled over Mechanicsburg and the surrounding lands for hundreds of years, each new scion of the family more despotic and evil than the last. As far as the citizens and the fearsome monster soldiers were concerned, this made for a good and entertaining life.

Dimo has always had a reputation for being "the smart one" in any group. Jägers are assumed by the general populace to be a little more than savage monsters, their only thought for blood, killing and the hunt. While this is certainly true, particularly when you have a large of group of them together and they fall into a pack mentality, it isn't always the case. Separate a few from their kindred for a couple of decades, and force them to rely as much on their wits as on their brute force, and an even more formidable monster is created. Dimo is proof of this. Having traveled with only a small cadre of companions for many years in the past, Dimo has learned to think on his feet, and is generally a few steps ahead of his friends when it comes to planning and strategy. He's alarmingly perceptive at times, but is, for the most part, rather humble about his intelligence. It's just something that he's good at, and he doesn't rub it in people's faces. It's also a good strategy to employ when you're not certain about those around you--downplay your own smarts, and sooner or later, people will talk.

He can come off as a bit jaded and world-weary, but the mood passes quickly as his enthusiasm for new people and new situations takes over. He's used to playing a "big brother" role in group dynamics, but is always ready to have fun, whatever form that fun may take. He'll still keep a wary eye out for danger, and be more than ready to delegate duties to those around him if a big job needs doing. He can jump from laid-back to in charge with ease, and he doesn't hesitate to let his fellow Jägers know when he's in charge. Though he makes friends quickly, thanks in part to his easygoing demeanor, it's rarer for someone to get close enough to him to trigger his protective instincts. He's a gruff watchdog at heart, and will guard someone that he has deemed in need of protection with all the strength and cleverness that he can muster. With those whose abilities are similar to his own, or whose talents he is confident in, he treats them as equals without reservation. They should be able to hold their own in a fight, and if they can't, a few sharp words will likely help them to straighten up, right?

Dimo can also be quite debonair and dashing when he tries, and will good-naturedly hit on anyone that he finds attractive. He doesn't always take his target's interest in him into account before he makes a move, since hey, he and his kind are irresistible to women, right? The Jäger ego is a tremendous thing, after all. If he's turned down (and he's always turned down) he takes it in stride. Love is a game, after all, and the more you practice, the better your aim gets. Dimo has a dry and slightly sarcastic sense of humor, but doesn't usually use it to put others down. He's more likely to comment on a situation than anything else, and he appreciates wit in others. His humor can also tend towards the black and morbid side of things, but again, is usually delivered cheerfully, even in the face of almost certain death.

Like any other Jäger, Dimo is a finely-honed fighter, soldier, and predator all rolled into one. His reflexes, strength, and senses are all far superior to the best of normal human abilities, making him good at surviving desperate or unusual circumstances with ease. Dimo has a particularly keen sense of smell, and can tell the difference between individuals at some distance. He can track someone or something using only his nose, and it's come in handy many times in the past. He also has particularly dextrous hands, and can throw knives or improvised weapons with the best of them. His limberness extends to his other joints as well, allowing him to easily dodge most blows directed at him. With regards to weapons, Dimo prefers a simple approach: knives for distance, teeth and claws for hand-to-hand combat. There's also the very basic physical changes that have come with the change from human to better-than-human--sharp teeth, sharp claws, and an ability to ignore pain that may frighten the average human onlooker.

OOC, my name is Molly--hi, nice to meet you! You can contact me here, as well as in the following places:

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