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Jenka, Maxim und me haz reached Mechanicsburg just in time for Lunasa. How lucky iz dot? Ve's going to be spending de day having fon und enjoying de sights und [takes a deep breath, and sighs happily] de schmells of de holiday vhile ve's here. Mechanicsburg does make de best gingerbread around, after all. Den, in de evening, ve's going back to der Kestle, und schtaying for de festivities. Zeeing old friends und getting real goot und drunk--dot's de vay to spend it, eh? De next day or zo, de Mistress iz going to be giving Maxim his new hand, but iz probably going to take him a vhile to learn to uze it again. Haz been more den tventy years zince he's had a normal vun, after all.

Ve's bringing prezents beck, too, but dey's going to be late for Lunasa. Dere's real goot schtuff here vhat hyu can't get anyvhere elze, though.

[OOC: Yes, there's presents, just like the list says. For people not on the 4423, yours will be mailed to you, and will likely arrive with all sorts of strange postmarks on them, including a prominent one of a trilobite. 4423 peeps, yours will be there in a few days, as soon as Dimo and company get back to the ship.]
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Zay, dis iz de best Amicus I haz had in years! Not dot I haz celebrated it in years, but schtill...

Real goot candy und a very nize hat!
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(backdated to right before everyone starts exploring the wreck.)

I hope dot de tinking goes all right for him. After zo long, I should trust him, und I do. More den I trust lots of pipples. But I still tink dot mebbe I should have said zometing different, or noting at all. It vould be easier den dealing vith de not knowing. Und knowing Maxim, it may be more den just a couple of days.

Hnnnnhh..vell, at least dere's plenty to do around here. Heh. Ezpecially vith dot shipwreck. It vill be goot to get out und exercise more den I can here, dot's for sure. Even if I doesn't know vhat de future holds, I can keep busy until I do.
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*sounds of loud sniffing, as of someone catching a scent*  Hmmm.  De whole room smells like him now.  I iz glad.  It haz been far too long since I have been reminded of him vhen he iz actually here. 

Gotterdamerung.  I doesn't know vhat to say.  I had pushed de memories out, I tink.  It hurt to remember vhen I knew dot he vouldn't be dere.  Easier to just go on, und pretend like noting had happened.  Und vhile it may not have been happy during dot time, dere vas goot tings.  But no, not really happy much.

Und now, I doesn't know vhat to do vith myself.  Iz just zo goot, all de time.  How did I ever get zo lucky?  Mebbe Fate iz still amused by me.  In de meantime...*drawing of a deep breath* it smells vonderful in here.
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Vonder vhat counts as "neat human schtuff", anyvay...
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Heh.  Iz goot to zee old friends vunce again.


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