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"Fills de void in me effery night?" Heh. I vould stick vith de singing, if I vere hyu. Neidder of us iz much goot at poetry, I tink.

Zo, hyu gonna try to match dis Cao Cao up vith zomevun, den, zo he can have a "beeg manly man" in his life like hyu gots in yours?
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Zay, dis iz de best Amicus I haz had in years! Not dot I haz celebrated it in years, but schtill...

Real goot candy und a very nize hat!
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(backdated to right before everyone starts exploring the wreck.)

I hope dot de tinking goes all right for him. After zo long, I should trust him, und I do. More den I trust lots of pipples. But I still tink dot mebbe I should have said zometing different, or noting at all. It vould be easier den dealing vith de not knowing. Und knowing Maxim, it may be more den just a couple of days.

Hnnnnhh..vell, at least dere's plenty to do around here. Heh. Ezpecially vith dot shipwreck. It vill be goot to get out und exercise more den I can here, dot's for sure. Even if I doesn't know vhat de future holds, I can keep busy until I do.
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This idea wouldn't leave me alone this afternoon, so you, my audience, get a short drabble that takes place the morning after the "Surprise!" post.  This is totally PG-rated, so there's nothing explicit.  Just short and fluffy, and so sweet it may give you cavities.  You've been warned.

Fluffy Jagerslash )


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