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I gots our courze plotted out, und it looks like doing dot nize leedle turn to get avay from de Victoria II should be a piece of cake. Just keep on distracting dem, und ve should get out vith only scratches.

Demn, but I iz going to be itching for a fight after dis if ve doezn't get to take dem on in perzon...
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According to de charts, ve should be dere real zoon. I, for vun, iz eager to taste blood.
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Hey, I gots an invitation to head on over to de Victoria II for vun of de cooks' borthdays. Anyvun vant to come vith me und do zome scouting to zee vhat their resources iz like? Iz an opportunity dot I tink iz hard to pass op.

Vill likely be best if a gorl comes vith me. Dot vay, it just looks like I iz bringing a date, und iz not all dot suspicious.
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Zo, I hear dot hyu's de vun to talk to about helping to make sure dot our guy vins? Vhat hyu need help vith? I iz game for pretty much anyting, vithin reason.
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*genuinely happy*

Dot vas vun of de best times dot I haz ever had! Need to go out in storms und get electrocuted more often!

Und I gots zome real nize new scars to show from it, too!

[filtered to Maxim/medium to hack]

Hyu vanna go und take a shower for de forst time in a few days? Zounds like a goot celebration to me.
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*wind in the background*

Right, dot looks to be it! Now iz de time to be leaving for real, pipples. Ve go und count de loot, ja?

*there's a thump, as though he were climbing up onto something*

Zee hyu back on ship!

[OOC: Dimo grabbed one of the heavier bags of loot in order to be helpful, then climbed up on the railing and swung back on a rope. In the process, he lost his hat. It may still be on the deck of the merchant ship, and it may not.]
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Get op to de deck pretty zoon, pipples! Iz schtarting to shake more den I likes to tink about. Naoto, Shinji, Utena, hyu all right? Maxim, hyu getting hyu pipple out hokay?

[filtered to Maxim][hard to hack]

I even gots zome goot vine from de galley! Ve's gonna have us a party to celebrate Jenka finding us.
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De raid's going pretty vell, und ve gots zome goot schtuff, but de last few cabins dot I vas in had already been looted, und de pipple in dem killed by zomevun vhat gots big teeth und claws. Und it vasn't Maxim or me. Keep a vatch out.
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Utena und me iz about to go over und schtart de serious pillaging. Anyvun else vanna come? Ve can't carry everyting by ourselves, after all.

Hyu know hyu vant to. Ve's raiding for real dis time!
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I iz gonna be de most help vhen ve ektually boards de ship. For now, I iz gonna make sure dot everyvun dot's going iz armed und knows basic use of it. If hyu hazn't got a veapon, meet me in de armory.

Got vun but not doing anyting elze? Meet me dere too. Ve vill plan part of de attack, strategize, und get de ropes ready for svinging across to de target in true pirate fashion.


Jan. 20th, 2009 10:10 am
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[filtered to the 4423/hard to hack]

Hey, real pirating at last! Now dis iz vhat I signed up for! If anyvun haz odd jobs dot need doing to get dis ship moving faster, let me know. Oddervise, I vill be patching de remaining holes in de hull.

De sooner ve gets tings moving, de sooner ve zee action!

[filtered to Maxim and Mamma/hard to hack]
*even more excited-sounding*

Just like old times! Raiding und mebbe zome killing--de tought does me goot. Now, if ve can just keep dis up, it vill be even better.

[filtered to Maxim/hard to hack]
Hope hyu doesn't mind, but I iz gonna be pulling double duty for de next couple of days to get de ship ready to go qvicker. I make it up to hyu later, ja?


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