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It sure vill be goot to have Maxim vith two hands again. Not dot I minded de metal vun, but...dis iz better. De surgery heppens tomorrow schtarting early in de morning, und I tink dot I iz going to vatch de Mistress do her schtuff. Should know vhat de inzides of him looks like too, eh?

[wry laughter]

He vill be fine. Gott knows he haz lived through vorse before. Und dis iz to fix vhat's broken, not an injury. Even zo, de vaiting iz getting on my nerves. I tink dot I vould rather have it all done right now, vith Maxim recovering und letting tings heal vhile Jenka und me goes out to look for Oggie zome more. I kissed de place vhere de scars iz, und iz fonny to tink dot I von't zee dot again ever. But goot.

I cannot vait to have my choice of hands to hold.
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Gott in Himmel, not having a shower for a veek or zo iz not going to be pleazant. I haz gone vithout for much longer vhen on a mission, but in zuch close quarters, scents iz going to be much stronger. Both my own, und odder pipples'. I vill deal, but iz not gonna be fon to be overvhelmed as zoon as I schteps outzide of de door.
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(backdated to right before everyone starts exploring the wreck.)

I hope dot de tinking goes all right for him. After zo long, I should trust him, und I do. More den I trust lots of pipples. But I still tink dot mebbe I should have said zometing different, or noting at all. It vould be easier den dealing vith de not knowing. Und knowing Maxim, it may be more den just a couple of days.

Hnnnnhh..vell, at least dere's plenty to do around here. Heh. Ezpecially vith dot shipwreck. It vill be goot to get out und exercise more den I can here, dot's for sure. Even if I doesn't know vhat de future holds, I can keep busy until I do.
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Vhere I comes from, today vas vhen ve remembered dose who haz gone before us, vhether family, friends, or odders. Ve haz a big party, sure, but ve iz still tinking about dem, und missing dem.

Dere's been lots of pipple in my life vhat haz died before me. Mebbe zome day, I zee dem again. But for now, I takes off my hat and haz a drink in deir honor.

*sound of a bottle clinking against a glass* Zo here's to hyu, vherever hyu iz. Family, comrades...dis iz for hyu.

Und for my friends here, I iz very glad to know you, und to share de road vith hyu a vhile.


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