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Ho, zounds great! It vill be fon to vatch everyvun elze going around und trying to get schtuff done, und zee vhat dey's going to be up to. But I gots a goot plan, und I tink dot I might just get us de prize. I just gots to plot out how long it vill take to get from here to de Badlands...
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*sounds of loud sniffing, as of someone catching a scent*  Hmmm.  De whole room smells like him now.  I iz glad.  It haz been far too long since I have been reminded of him vhen he iz actually here. 

Gotterdamerung.  I doesn't know vhat to say.  I had pushed de memories out, I tink.  It hurt to remember vhen I knew dot he vouldn't be dere.  Easier to just go on, und pretend like noting had happened.  Und vhile it may not have been happy during dot time, dere vas goot tings.  But no, not really happy much.

Und now, I doesn't know vhat to do vith myself.  Iz just zo goot, all de time.  How did I ever get zo lucky?  Mebbe Fate iz still amused by me.  In de meantime...*drawing of a deep breath* it smells vonderful in here.
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This idea wouldn't leave me alone this afternoon, so you, my audience, get a short drabble that takes place the morning after the "Surprise!" post.  This is totally PG-rated, so there's nothing explicit.  Just short and fluffy, and so sweet it may give you cavities.  You've been warned.

Fluffy Jagerslash )
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He hasn't met everybody yet by far, but nevertheless, he's got plenty of opinions!  So, what does Dimo *really* think?  Ask, and maybe find out.

Hell, I'll even add a little onto it.  You can specify whether you'd like an IC or OOC answer, or both.  *rubs hands together*  This should be fun...


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