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It sure vill be goot to have Maxim vith two hands again. Not dot I minded de metal vun, but...dis iz better. De surgery heppens tomorrow schtarting early in de morning, und I tink dot I iz going to vatch de Mistress do her schtuff. Should know vhat de inzides of him looks like too, eh?

[wry laughter]

He vill be fine. Gott knows he haz lived through vorse before. Und dis iz to fix vhat's broken, not an injury. Even zo, de vaiting iz getting on my nerves. I tink dot I vould rather have it all done right now, vith Maxim recovering und letting tings heal vhile Jenka und me goes out to look for Oggie zome more. I kissed de place vhere de scars iz, und iz fonny to tink dot I von't zee dot again ever. But goot.

I cannot vait to have my choice of hands to hold.
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Dey vants me to keep a log for dis contest, ja? Dot's vhat dis iz de schtart of. I iz Dimo, Navigator of de 4423, und my friends Maxim und Jenka iz coming vith me for our portion of de contest. Maxim lost hiz right hand many years ago, und op until a few months ago, had a nize mechanical vun dot took de place of de flesh. De mechanical vun haz schtopped vorking, zo ve iz going back to Mechanicsburg, our home, to ask our Mistress to give him a new vun, also of flesh. Ve's also going to zee if ve can find vun of our odder friends, Ognian, who ve hazn't zeen in a little over five years.

I haz written a letter to de Mistress already letting her know dot ve's coming, und it should be dere in enough time before ve iz to let tings be ready for us. I haz also chartered a schmall airship to take us as far as de edge of de Badlands, but de pilot of de ship vould not take us farther. From dere, it vill all be on foot, or horseback if ve's lucky und can find mounts. Ve should be back vell vithin de month.
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Ho, zounds great! It vill be fon to vatch everyvun elze going around und trying to get schtuff done, und zee vhat dey's going to be up to. But I gots a goot plan, und I tink dot I might just get us de prize. I just gots to plot out how long it vill take to get from here to de Badlands...
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Zo, how does vun go about reqvesting a couple days of leave around here? Vould be for both me und Maxim. Ve's not plotting our next courze qvite yet, und if iz possible, it vould be much appreciated.
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"Fills de void in me effery night?" Heh. I vould stick vith de singing, if I vere hyu. Neidder of us iz much goot at poetry, I tink.

Zo, hyu gonna try to match dis Cao Cao up vith zomevun, den, zo he can have a "beeg manly man" in his life like hyu gots in yours?
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*genuinely happy*

Dot vas vun of de best times dot I haz ever had! Need to go out in storms und get electrocuted more often!

Und I gots zome real nize new scars to show from it, too!

[filtered to Maxim/medium to hack]

Hyu vanna go und take a shower for de forst time in a few days? Zounds like a goot celebration to me.
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(backdated to right before everyone starts exploring the wreck.)

I hope dot de tinking goes all right for him. After zo long, I should trust him, und I do. More den I trust lots of pipples. But I still tink dot mebbe I should have said zometing different, or noting at all. It vould be easier den dealing vith de not knowing. Und knowing Maxim, it may be more den just a couple of days.

Hnnnnhh..vell, at least dere's plenty to do around here. Heh. Ezpecially vith dot shipwreck. It vill be goot to get out und exercise more den I can here, dot's for sure. Even if I doesn't know vhat de future holds, I can keep busy until I do.


Nov. 3rd, 2008 08:53 pm
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Maxim, ve could use a goot pair of eyes up here on deck, zo if hyu iz on hyu vay, ve could use hyu.
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*sounds of loud sniffing, as of someone catching a scent*  Hmmm.  De whole room smells like him now.  I iz glad.  It haz been far too long since I have been reminded of him vhen he iz actually here. 

Gotterdamerung.  I doesn't know vhat to say.  I had pushed de memories out, I tink.  It hurt to remember vhen I knew dot he vouldn't be dere.  Easier to just go on, und pretend like noting had happened.  Und vhile it may not have been happy during dot time, dere vas goot tings.  But no, not really happy much.

Und now, I doesn't know vhat to do vith myself.  Iz just zo goot, all de time.  How did I ever get zo lucky?  Mebbe Fate iz still amused by me.  In de meantime...*drawing of a deep breath* it smells vonderful in here.
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Hoy!  Iz hyu going vith de rest of de pipple to get de Captain back?  I iz staying vith de ship.  At least vun of us should be here in case dot iz just a diversion, und dey iz actually coming for de 4423.
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This idea wouldn't leave me alone this afternoon, so you, my audience, get a short drabble that takes place the morning after the "Surprise!" post.  This is totally PG-rated, so there's nothing explicit.  Just short and fluffy, and so sweet it may give you cavities.  You've been warned.

Fluffy Jagerslash )
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If dere iz trouble, I iz here.  Und zo iz my knives.


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